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ATCO Industries Announces Significant Investment to Expand Services and Rebrands as Vayan Group

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Industry Veteran Keith Buckley Announced as CEO

– Sterling Heights, Michigan, January 11, 2024 (PR NEWSWIRE) – ATCO Industries, a leading provider of technology-driven quality assurance solutions for OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers across North America, today announced its rebranding as Vayan Group, in addition to a significant investment to expand operations into new services and end markets, including comprehensive EV battery services.

Vayan also announced Keith Buckley, who has spent the last 18 months as a member of Vayan’s board of directors, as its new Chief Executive Officer. Keith is a growth-oriented leader and brings over 30 years of experience working with technology and manufacturing companies across technical services, test and measurement, AI-optimized analytics, and software, all of which align with Vayan’s aspirations for growth.

Founded in 1980, Vayan has grown beyond its roots as a provider of inspection and containment services to offer comprehensive quality assurance solutions to the manufacturing industry. Recent advances include service enhancements that have secured a strong position in the continually expanding EV and hybrid marketplace. The company also provides solutions to its customers across the automotive, aerospace, electronics, household appliance, medical, space exploration, and transportation end markets.

Given the company’s rapid growth trajectory, technology leadership, and reliance on its services by many of the world’s leading manufacturing companies, ATCO chose a new brand in Vayan Group that better reflects the customers’ primary needs and pain points, as well as the company’s present and future mission and value impact to customers.

“We are a company on the move, so it’s appropriate to choose a name that literally is the root for ‘go’,” said Buckley. “Our vision is to enable a world where innovation is frictionless and the vehicles, machines, and devices we rely on work exactly as intended. The Vayan Group brand aligns with that vision and our goal of empowering the world’s most safety and quality-conscious companies with intelligence-driven solutions that accelerate progress.”

Through additional investment in the expansion of its services, Vayan Group’s key objective will continue to “keep quality moving forward” for customers and to provide end-to-end solutions that deliver business value and flawless product deliveries. With the increased demands on companies to provide better, faster, and more responsive products to the end consumer, Vayan serves as a valued partner in ensuring the highest-quality is delivered from any facility across North America. The company’s service offerings include inspection & containment, finished vehicle repair & remediation, comprehensive battery services, engineering support, and warehousing services.

About Vayan Group
Vayan Group is a leading provider of quality assurance solutions to the electric vehicle, automotive, aerospace, electronics, household appliance, medical, and transportation end markets. The company ensures quality at many of the world’s leading manufacturing companies by utilizing its differentiated labor force, unique capabilities, and industry-leading technology.

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