Vayan means go. Vayan moves quality forward.

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Vayan Group’s CEO, Keith Buckley, shares his perspective on the new brand

– Our company found ourselves in a great position to rebrand at the start of 2024, and the response to our new brand has been overwhelmingly positive. Our prior brand, while known throughout our core customer and partner base, didn’t keep up with the significant increases in the technology and services we offered, and didn’t reflect that we’re enabling and keeping pace with our customers’ innovations. Nor did it really capture the many ways in which we continued to expand our ability to increase customer efficiencies by maintaining high quality throughout the supply chain, and save our customers time and money.

I’ve received a lot of interest about the new branding, and how we chose the name, and wanted to share some of the background on how we got here.

As we’ve shown in our marketing materials and in other media, our brand, Vayan, is literally the root for “Go.” Our new name is a perfect fit for us because it aligns with how we think: We move at the speed of innovation and quality; we go forward with urgency to help our customers focus on unleashing innovation; and we remove obstacles so there’s nothing holding them back to think bigger and bolder. Simply put, we go together and faster with our customers.

So, choosing a name that means “Go” was a natural fit and an easy decision.

Vayan has leveraged our 40-year history to grow as a provider of technology-driven, end-to-end quality assurance solutions for the electric vehicle, automotive, aerospace, and many other industries. And our more recent advances and investments have helped our customers to go even faster.

As a reliable and trusted partner, we harness the power of our technology and data insights to bring quality intelligence to our customers – to enable them to GO faster with their innovations.

Our new brand can’t say it any better!

Reach out to me, or to any of our team, and let us know how we can help you GO, and we’ll GO faster together.


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Vayan means quality. Vayan means go. Together we go faster!